The personnel at Twin Oaks have been providing engineering services to municipal governmental clients for over twenty years with cost effective use of the taxpayers’ dollars at the forefront of our philosophy.

municipal-servicesOur experience ranges from small rural and large suburban Townships to Boroughs and Cities with their complex engineering needs.  Twin Oaks’ municipal engineers have completed numerous roadway designs of varying size and complexity from gravel surfaces to bituminous overlays to full reconstruction of local roads for townships, boroughs and cities. We have provided engineering services from small to large-scale improvement projects enhancing safety and increasing capacity along local streets and roads where development has led to increased traffic flows. Additionally, as the retained engineer, we have considerable experience in aiding municipal highway crews with routine pavement maintenance procedures along with rehabilitation and roadway maintenance projects insuring long life of the road surfaces.  Management of stormwater along the roadways is also a major concern with respect to safety for the driving public and to mitigate its deleterious effects to the pavement.  

stormwater-managementStormwater management is a critical focus for municipalities.  The control of the existing stormwater collection system must be assured; proper maintenance procedures along with reviewing any proposed development activities will ensure that the existing stormwater facilities are not overloaded.  The quality of life and the protection of the municipality’s citizens from flooding due to excess stormwater are paramount.

Community development projects ranging from demolition of blighted structures to design of recreational facilities, parks, playgrounds and Rails to Trails and bike paths or lanes adds to the quality of life for residents.  Twin Oaks’ engineers have experience incorporating these improvements seamlessly into the municipal infrastructure along with finding grants to aid in funding of the projects.

municipal-projectsPlanning and zoning issues have a significant impact on municipal development.  Elected officials want to be sure that nothing is overlooked, that their decisions comply with regulations, and residents want to know that their community will be protected or improved.  Our experienced staff thoroughly reviews plans and documentation in conjunction with the regulatory requirements to assure that the goals of the community and its citizens are met.

Twin Oaks values the relationship with our clients and strives to provide them the most cost effective consultant services available.