The personnel at Twin Oaks have been designing wastewater treatment plants and unit processes for over thirty-five years with ease and cost of operations at the forefront of our design philosophy.

wastewater-engineering-serviceWastewater plants consume considerable amounts of energy to reduce the pollutant levels to their discharge parameters.  With rising energy costs it is imperative to design the treatment processes using the most energy efficient methods possible.  Generally, several different methods can accomplish the desired treatment.  Analysis of the different methodologies that meet the discharge standards with respect to operating cost allows for the selection of the most economical treatment method.  

This does not mean that ease of operation is forgotten.  As a former operator we understand how small design considerations, such as leaving enough room to dismantle a pump or assuring that a valve can be operated,  improve the ability of the operator to maintain the plant systems.  Process automation also aids the operator in maintaining plant operation and consistently meeting discharge standards.  

wastewater-engineering-pumpOur expertise in pumping systems comes from almost eighteen years working for Hazleton Pumps and Hazleton Environmental where pumping high density slurries and high viscosity sludges was the norm.  Additionally, experience in design of high pressure, high volume pumping and piping systems provides us the opportunity to present unique problem solutions for our clients.

While odor problems in and of themselves present a public perception problem for many systems, it is merely the by-product of the real problem where operation of the treatment process and system’s equipment are attacked on a continual basis by the acids resulting from hydrogen sulfide production in the wastewater.  Our experience in the addition of oxygen, hypochlorite and potassium permanganate into the collection/conveyance system are designed to negate long term attacks on your plant’s infrastructure.  But sometimes, treating the odor containing off-gas is necessary and the only economical solution.  Then we follow our design philosophy to minimize energy consumption in the proposed solutions.

There are times when problems occur even in the best of plants.  Our troubleshooting services are available to investigate and solve operational and equipment problems throughout the plant processes and in the collection and conveyance system.  We provide reports detailing findings and suggested remedies which are personally provided to the client so they gain a full understanding of what went wrong and how to correct the problem in the most economical manner.

Twin Oaks values the relationship with our clients and strives to provide them the most cost effective consultant services available.