water-engineering-1The personnel at Twin Oaks have been designing innovative water treatment plants and unit processes for over thirty-five years with ease and cost of operations at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Water treatment plants consume considerable amounts of energy to produce potable or industrial process water. With rising energy costs it is imperative to design the treatment processes using the most energy efficient methods possible. Generally, several different methods can accomplish the desired treatment. Analysis of the different methodologies that meet the treatment standards at the lowest operating cost are then determined and selected for final design.

Our expertise in pumping systems comes from almost eighteen years working for Hazleton Pumps and Hazleton Environmental where pumping high density slurries and high viscosity sludge was the norm. This is particularly important for handling sludge in primary and secondary settling vessels at the treatment plant. Additionally, experience in design of high pressure, high volume pumping and piping systems provides us the opportunity to present unique problem solutions for our clients.

PFD Revised 7 15 16 version 2There are times when problems occur even in the best of plants. Our troubleshooting services are available to investigate and solve operational and equipment problems throughout the plant processes and in the collection and conveyance system. We provide reports detailing findings and suggested remedies which are personally provided to the client so they gain a full understanding of what went wrong and how to correct the problem in the most economical manner. Our personnel then implement the changes our client desires which may include design, procurement and installation of equipment to training of the operation’s personnel in new operating procedures.

Twin Oaks’ experienced professionals are available to perform any task associated with the administration of construction services for new construction or upgrade to the water plant or pump station or distribution system to ensure timely, cost-effective completion of the project; thereby eliminating the need for the client to spend valuable time away from their business to oversee construction.

Twin Oaks values the relationship with our clients and strives to provide them the most cost effective consultant services available.