The personnel at Twin Oaks have provided geological investigation services for a varied clientele ranging from private landowners to local and county governments.

geological-serviceCarbonate (Karst) geology, areas underlain by limestone and dolomite formations, are susceptible to the formation of sinkholes caused by the dissolution of the rock by acidic water.  This creates underground channels and caves that either intersect the surface or are prone to collapse when they near the surface.  Twin Oaks personnel can evaluate sites prior to purchase or construction to determine the presence or potential for future sinkhole formation and provide necessary reports, such as precluding stormwater infiltration, for local agencies detailing their findings.

When sinkholes do occur and are expressed to the surface by either a depression or subsidence occurrence, we can investigate the extent of the structure and reasons for the occurrence, document these findings and develop a mitigation plan to seal the sinkhole and to limit its further expansion.  The mitigation plan would be based upon proven geologic and/or structural principles.

Twin Oaks can provide two levels of hydrogeologic investigations.  The first is a general yield analysis based on the bedrock structure, location of the property with respect to recharge areas and nearby well levels, both current and historical.  This type of analysis can also include a Fracture Trace Study that can identify locations for above average groundwater yields for the placement of water supply wells.  The second type of investigation is centered specifically on a test well.  In this investigation, pump tests on potential wells are performed that can determine water quality, safe well yield, potential for well interference, and aquifer characteristics.  We also complete permitting applications for our clients for groundwater withdrawal approvals from state and river basin regulatory agencies.

In areas where properties are not served by public sewers, on-lot treatment of wastewater must be utilized.  In those instances where drip or spray irrigation of the system effluent is considered, Twin Oaks can provide design of these systems for our clients.  We also assist our clients in meeting PA Act 537 requirements by filing for planning exemptions and completing comprehensive sewage facilities planning modules.

We also assist our clients with all the bidding and construction phase services necessary to assure a successful project to meet your needs with respect to on-time completion and budget.

Twin Oaks values the relationship with our clients and strives to provide them the most cost effective consultant services available.

  • Karst/Sinkhole Investigations
  • Sinkhole Remediation/Mitigation
  • Water Source Evaluations
  • Regulatory Agency Assistance
  • Drip or spray irrigation studies
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services
  • Expert Testimony